A Guide to Changing Your Address Like a Pro During a House Move

So, you’ve decided to embark on the grand adventure of moving house? First of all, congratulations! Whether it's a cosy nest or a sprawling palace, there's something exciting about a change of address. It's like turning the page to a brand-new chapter in the story of your life!

Grab a cuppa, settle into that comfy chair, and let’s chat about how to make changing your address as delightful as finding that long-lost sock in the laundry.


Here's our handy checklist of who to inform when moving house.


  • Royal Mail/ The Post Office:

    Submit a Change of Address form to the post office to redirect mail to the new address.


  • Utility Companies:

    Electricity provider

    Water supplier (Yorkshire Water)

    Gas provider

    Internet service provider

    TV providers (Sky Tv, Virgin, Netflix etc)


  • Local Authorities:

    Update your address with the local council for council tax purposes


  • Financial Institutions:

    Bank Accounts

    Credit card companies

    Mortgage provider

    Loan companies

    Savings Provider

    Investments/ Stocks

    Pension Provider


  • Government Agencies:



    Electoral roll


  • Healthcare Providers:

    General practitioner (GP)


    Specialists or any ongoing medical treatment providers including the hospital




  • Insurance Providers:

    Home insurance (Including any insurance for investment properties)

    Car insurance

    Health insurance

    Pet Insurance

    Holiday Insurance


  • Schools and Educational Institutions:

    If applicable, inform your child's school or educational institution about the change of address.


  • Employer:

    Update your address with your employer for payroll and official communication.


  • Subscription Services:

    Magazines and newspapers

    Subscription boxes

    Online streaming services

    Loyalty Cards (Tesco, Boots, Nectar etc)


  • Clubs and Memberships:

    Inform any clubs or organizations you're a part of about your change of address.


  • Delivery Services:



    Other online retailers

    Meal kit services or grocery delivery services


  • Friends and Family:

    Share your new address with friends and family members.


  • Professional Contacts:

    Inform your solicitor, accountant, or any other professional contacts about your change of address.


  • Emergency Services:

    Update your address with emergency services, if you have a monitored alarm system.


  • Online Accounts:

Update your address on social media platforms and any other online accounts where your address is registered.


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