Yummy York: Some of our nicest eateries!

York is a foodie's paradise, with a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and eateries to choose from. So whether you’re visiting from elsewhere, or you’re a resident who’s stuck in your ways, here’s our list of favourite places!

1. The Star Inn The City - This award-winning restaurant is located in the heart of York, overlooking the River Ouse. It offers a range of modern British cuisine, using locally sourced ingredients. Their top dishes include their slow cooked Eserick Pork collar, and their Chianti braised Ox cheek (accompanied by a saffron risotto!). Food quality aside, what stands out on their menu is their drinks suggestions, listed under each food option! This restaurant is also in a wonderful location near the infamous Betty’s Tea Rooms (or less importantly, Museum Street). 

 2. Spark- Taking inspiration from London’s infamous ‘box park’, Spark is located in Piccadilly. It provides its individual flair to the world of street food; with an upstairs bar and a downstairs space offering food from places like Greece, Siccily, Brazil. The interior of Spark takes place within what appears to be container units, covered in graffiti, fairy lights, and accompanied by vibrant music and a welcoming atmosphere. 

 4. Mannion & Co - This cosy cafe is located in the heart of York's historic centre, and offers a range of delicious breakfast and lunch options, including homemade cakes and pastries.

 5. Olive Tree - Tower Street. This restaurant takes inspiration from the Mediterranean with its beautifully marinated meats, pleasurable pastas, and glorious grills. The Olive Tree offers two courses for £15.95, or why not treat yourself to a third course for £18.95?

6. Tricolor - Colombian street food at it's best! We highly recommend the Empanadas, full of flavour with a little kick. You can order to take out or eat in with extra seating upstairs. The staff are fantastic, cheerful and helpful. 

7. Forest- You may not know Forest by name, but you will certainly recognise its exterior if you have ever passed it. It is situated in Low Petergate, and with the building being covered in green leaves its name matches its architecture. Our office recommendation is the French Dip sandwich, which is gorgeously tender beef, caramelised onions, and Swiss cheese in a brioche bun, accompanied by a beef dripping pot. For just £8.00 it is a great lunchtime bite. If you’re craving something bigger, why not try their Sunday Feast for £35 as a treat!

 8. Phill Ya Boots - (Woodthorpe)- a family owned business. Its staff include: Chef Phill, his wife Vicky, and daughters Isabel and Phoebe. They offer afternoon tea, breakfast classics like eggs benedict and pancakes, brunches like a full english, pies, and lasagne. 

9. Lucia- With great food and massive portion sizes, how could Lucia’s ever go wrong? We tried the pork belly starter (which if one person had to themself could easily be a lunch main), a burger, and their creamy gnocchi. We have to give it the Indigo Greens seal of approval. They offer great service and a beautiful venue. Their outdoor seating has a pull out roof and heaters, making it the perfect spot for cosy dining in the rain- or you can be boring and sit indoors (which is still equally as beautiful).

10.YUZU Street food is another option with something different to offer. We tried their sweet potato tempura with rice and a teriyaki sauce. With a large and tasty portion for £11, we had no complaints. For extra recommendations their sushi is deliciously fresh and their bento boxes are of great quality. 

11. York Roast Co- this option is a bit of a novelty for anyone visiting York, and a great hangover or post nightclub treat for any residents. York Roast Co offers very laid back dining, where you can eat in or take away. Their top item is the Yorkshire pudding wrap, which comes with a selection of sauces. These include apple, horseradish, mustard, cranberry, and any other roast classic. 

12. Pho- Located in Low Petergate. Offering hearty food which warms the soul, Pho is great for York’s windy days (essentially everyday). For those who are unfamiliar with it, Pho is a Vietnamese soup dish with noodles and typically a form of meat. It cannot be faulted. 

Overall, there are plenty of fantastic places to eat in York, whether you're looking for fine dining, casual eats, or something in between. So, why not explore the city's vibrant food scene and discover your own favourite spots?