Summer Ready Gardening Tips 2024

Simon - Summer Gardens

Now that the weather has started to warm up and the frosts have come to an end (at long last!) we can move our attention to the garden. Preparing your garden as early as possible will mean you can reap the rewards in Summer.

Our top tips to prepare your garden for summer should help you to get your outside space looking and feeling great, ready to relax or socialise when the temperatures start to hit double figures…. Is that possible in England?!?!

Put on your gardening gloves and grab your secateurs, we are ready to begin…


Tidy up

Regular tidying of your garden is a good habit to create as “little and often” will make it seem like less of a chore. Collect dead leaves and stalks that have fallen to the ground. These need to be cleared away as they can harbour diseases and allow bacteria to develop and infect your plants. You could put these in your garden waste bin or on the compost heap. If you have a patio or decking then a good sweep-up and a scrub with a coarse garden brush and plenty of soapy water should bring this back to life.



As you are tidying up the garden you will have lots of new matter to add to the compost heap so now is a good time to make a point of turning over the compost pile. The compost heap will have been working hard over the winter months. The bottom layer of your compost heap will make an excellent mulch - perfect to spread around your flower bed to give help the soil retain moisture and suppress weeds.


Care for your lawn

Spring is a good time to feed, rake and edge your lawn. This will help to remove debris and dead grass cuttings, allowing it to breathe and prevent the lawn from becoming waterlogged. Unless of course, you are going to do “No Mow May” which is when, as the name suggests, you stop mowing during the month of May to allow the grass to grow and wildflowers to thrive. If you want to go that extra mile you can also use this time to level off any uneven areas and add new grass seed, to give your turf a bit of a facelift.


Trim Back

Many plants could do with a little trim or a helping hand to get them ready for summer growth. This might involve re-potting, moving to a more protected area of the garden or trimming the stems to encourage new growth. If you have a buddleia (“Butterfly bush”) or roses, for example, these can be pruned in the spring, after the frosts have passed to gain maximum growth and joy.


Weeding and soil preparation

Removing weeds by hand may not be easy but it is the best eco-friendly way to manage unwanted weeds and prepare your flower beds. Rake over your soil after turning it with a spade or hoe to maintain airflow but be careful around plants or bulbs you may already have in the area. New topsoil is a good idea when you are getting your garden ready to ensure that when you start to plant new perennials, they will have the best growing soil possible.


Garden Furniture Care

Don’t forget to give your garden furniture a little TLC whether made of plastic, wood or wicker. Plastic is easy to revive with some warm soapy water and a sponge. Wood and wicker may need a little extra time, start with a good soapy washdown before assessing your next action. You may need to rub down and treat your wooden future with wood oil or stain. The internet has a lot of easy step-by-step tutorials for the best way to take care of your garden furniture.