Indigo Greens and Tenerife

Simon in Tenerife

As some of our friends and clients already know, Simon’s other passion away from selling houses is the beautiful island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands… And what better way for him to combine the two than by creating a working partnership with Team Tousan in the south of the island who market their properties through Century 21, who are a reliable and renown global brand and international realtors.


Having spent time with Antonio and Alessandro on a couple of trips over to the island, Simon was impressed by their professionalism, knowledge and empathy towards their properties and clients that felt as though their drive for customer service was similar to the one that we have demonstrated over the years here at Indigo Greens.


What all this means to the people in the UK, is that, if you have a desire to start looking to move to Tenerife or to buy a second property over there and you aren’t sure on your next steps, between Indigo Greens and Century 21 we can give you advice with your search and the processes involved along the way, from your initial enquiry right through to collecting the keys for your home in the sun.


Tenerife is universally known as “the island of eternal spring” given its mild climate that is consistent throughout the year, and given that its different landscapes and aspects across the land are all so different, it caters for all sorts of tastes and offers up a variety of experiences for all ages. A flight will typically take 4 hours 30 minutes and one of the first things to greet you and create a lasting impression is the imposing figure of Mount Teide, its summit of 3,715m (12,188 ft) is the highest point in Spain… From there, there is so much more to explore and enjoy, so, now is time to make it part of your life too.


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Written by Simon