Back To School For York – September 2023

Little girl dressed in a white lab coat

School starts up in just a couple of days! Teachers are getting their classrooms ready for students, parents are counting down the hours and children are no doubt feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves. Hopefully, by now, you are ready for the new school year and have everything you need to start the year with a bang.

We have posted the starting dates and websites here for just a small number of our fantastic schools in York. This way, you can get the latest information on what’s happening at your child’s school ready for the new academic year.


Please check their websites for full up-to-date information.


Primary Schools:

Acomb Primary School – Starts 5th September 2023

Clifton and Rawcliffe Primary – Starts 6th September 2023

Huntington Primary School – Starts 7th September 2023

Tang Hall Primary School – To be confirmed

Westfield Primary Community School – Starts 7th September 2023

St. Aelred’s Roman Catholic Primary School – Starts 5th September 2023


Secondary Schools:

Archbishop Holgate’s - Tuesday the 5th August

Huntington School – Year sevens return to Huntington School on the 6th September. Other students return on the 7th. 


Manor Church of England  – Starts 6th September for year 7 and 11 only – starts 7th September 2023 for all years

York High School – Tuesday 5th September

Millthorpe School -Wednesday 7 September – Term starts for Year 7s

Thursday 8 September – Term starts for Years 8-11

Vale of York Academy – Term starts 4th September 2023 (exact dates tbc)



Supply and uniform lists for most schools are listed on the school’s website. 

Primary school students only need a few supplies to take with them but sadly the lists get longer for secondary school students and differ between schools as some teaching styles are more technology-based learning than others.

In general, here are a few basics you can count on providing your child: backpack/book bag, pencils/pens, erasers, pencil case, tissues and that all-important hand sanitiser. These are just the basics; your child’s list may be much longer depending on the school and year group.


Here’s to gearing up for the new academic year and hoping your child has a great school year (whilst also feeling relieved that Summer holidays are over)!