5 Top Tips To Get Your Property In York Market-Ready

Yellow Lemon Cleaning


If you are selling your property you want to present it in the best possible light. You want to maximise your chance of getting the best selling price in the quickest way. By doing any reasonable work and presenting your house well it means buyers will find your house more appealing. Here are our 5 tips to get your property market ready!



Touch Up The Decor

If you’ve lived in your property for a while the chances, are you have a few scuff marks and stains on the walls and woodwork from where the kids have kicked off their shoes. It can help to give walls and woodwork a clean and touch-up before you put your house on the market. Or if you have more time, perhaps give walls a wipe down and then re-fresh with neutral paint.


Clean the Kitchen & Bathroom

Potential buyers will pay attention to the kitchen and bathroom. It’s a good idea to clear as many items as possible off your work surfaces. Cleaning appliances like hobs and ovens can make a difference. Clear as many products away as possible in the bathroom and add fresh towels, a fresh shower curtain and a fresh toilet roll for the photos and viewings. Less clutter is better when you are trying to sell your house. When you clean your sinks perhaps add a little freshener to the drain to finish, I like to use just a cap full of neat Zoflora.



Dusting can make a big difference. Pay particular attention to light fittings and Venetian blinds, these areas are often forgotten. Don’t forget to do the skirting boards too. They can build up a lot of dust over time so give them a good wipe down also. 


Sparkling Windows

A clean window will make the rest of the house look brighter. Clean your windows thoroughly – inside and outside. Clear up any cobwebs and make sure there are no streaks. If any window panes are broken or the glass is blown in the double glazing then it is always a good idea to replace this prior to marketing as potential buyers will notice!


Outside Counts

The saying goes that first impressions count! Someone interested in buying your house is going to pay attention to the front and back of the property and is likely to walk past at least once before or after viewing. Keep on top of mowing your lawns, trimming the plants and generally cleaning up any rubbish, especially pet mess!